Automotive Window Film

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1 Ply Window Tinted Film

1ply window film consist mainly of just one layer of polyester which makes the film cheap and cheerful. Mainly for Automotive. Also suitable for Commercial and Residential.

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2 Ply Window Tinted Film

2ply films consist of double layer polyester, making it more durable and long lasting. Mainly for Automotive. Also suitable for Commercial and Residential. Automotive Car Windows, House Windows etc

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UV400 Window Tinted Film

UV400 window film series is produced using a newly invented technology. Its manufacturing process is unique, resulting in superior product features...100% UV radiation protection, Blue light protection.

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Ceramic Window Tinted Film

Ceramic film contains both non-conductive and non-metallic materials which will not interfere with any electronic equipment such as mobile devices, GPS or radio receptions in your vehicles, home or building.

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Dyed Window Film

Our pigment films control the heat from entering your home thus preserving your furniture from aging and fading. Our pigment film is also designed to prevent neighbours or passer-by looking into your home...